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The History of the Annie K Cow Line

In 1970, S&W Angus Ranch and Double AA Angus started a joint venture cattle operation at Coleville, Saskatchewan; this consisted of 225 registered Black Angus cows.  This cowherd was composed of seventy from the S&W Ranch in Nebraska and one hundred and fifty from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.  Twenty of these cows had yellow tags and were purchased from Boris Balanoff. When cattlemen viewed the Double AA cowherd this particular group of cattle stood out.  Visitors often asked, “Where did you get those yellow tagged cows?” and hence the nickname “The Yellow Tagged Cows” was born. Upon seeing them, the late Lloyd Pickard did a pedigree search and found this group all originated from one cow, Woodlawn Ida, who was an Annie of Knotary. This group of cows out-performed the rest of the herd; consequently, their daughters slowly outnumbered the other replacements and eventually the entire Double AA Angus cowherd came almost exclusively from this line of cattle. This line of cattle also helped develop the three bull lines: the Bardolene, Blackman, and Bardolier.

In 1971 the Bardolene line of cattle was introduced to Double AA Angus with a bull known as Old Post 5. His progeny won many shows and bull test stations; both in Canada and the United States. When Double AA Angus dispersed, Fleury Cattle Company had the opportunity to purchase a select group of females; a number of these females were Annie K cows.

Today, Fleury Cattle Company continues to breed the Bardolene, Blackman, and Bardolier lines of cattle. The famous yellow-tagged Annie K cow also continues to be the nucleus of our program. These genetics combine fifty years of breeding between Double AA Angus and Fleury Cattle Company. Both operations have the same focus on what a true breeding program consists of. When selecting bulls form Fleury Cattle Company, you are investing in a cowherd built over 50 years.


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